Euphoria might be over for now, but the show and its stars are still impacting people all over the world. And we got to see a little bit of that, because it was all captured right on camera.What’s up guys it’s Emile Ennis Jr here with Clevver News and one lucky fan of the HBO drama got to meet one of its stars...well, two of its stars… kind of! A video circulated around Twitter this past weekend that showed a fan of Euphoria running into Zendaya while out and about.But that’s not all. According to the person who tweeted the video, the girl approached Zendaya and told her that she, a transgender woman, was inspired by Hunter Schafer’s character Jules on Euphoria.Hunter Schafer is model, actress, artist, and LGBT rights activist who happens to be transgender. Euphoria was Hunter’s first television or movie role. Prior to that, she modelled in major fashion shows like Christian Dior and Marc Jacobs. Interestingly enough, before she was Jules on Euphoria, Hunter was also one of the landmark plaintiffs in the American Civil Liberties Union, that sued her home state of North Carolina over their “bathroom bill” law.The state law passed in 2016 and stated that people using public restrooms must use the one that corresponds to their assigned gender at birth, rather than the bathroom that they feel more comfortable in.She spent months with lawyers, telling them her life experiences as part of the testimony for the case.It was a controversial law that put transgender and nonbinary people at risk, and Hunter shed a light to the issue, and ultimately helped to get the bill appealed. And now, she is fighting to further trans rights in North Carolina and across The United States. Whether that means big structural changes, or just giving one fan the surprise of her life. And guys, the video is so sweet and heartwarming.

The 13 year old fan of the show was out at a restaurant when she got to chat with the star of the show, Zendaya.

Apparently, the Euphoria fan is a 13 year old girl named Noa, and according to this tweet, “she explained that hunter is so important to her because she’s never seen anyone like her on tv”.The tweet continues, “representation is so important. cast more trans people in shows and movies”.And she’s right! This year, there were a record number of LGBT characters in television shows across the board.Hunter is just one of the growing number of LGBT actors and actresses who are getting cast. Yes, the number is growing, but it’s still such a disproportionately small percentage of characters that are represented on TV.And Hunter is proud of who she is. She once spoke on North Carolina public radio and said “I do like people to know that I’m not a cis-girl because that’s not something that I am or feel like I am. I’m proud to be a trans person.”So it only made sense that she would want to meet a young trans girl who was inspired by her.

The original tweet says “So zendaya facetimed Hunter because the girl is trans, and said Hunter was an inspiration to her through euphoria. And Zendaya wanted to connect the two of them so she could tell Hunter herself”.Zendaya then offers to take a photo of Noa holding the phone with Hunter on the other end. As the clip goes on, you can hear Noa tell Hunter “you’re my biggest role model… you’re like a super hero to me”. You can hear Hunter talking to Noa as her friend comforts her and encourages her to speak with her idol.And whoever Noa’s friend is is an all-star, because on top of getting the whole interaction on camera, she also took some great photos.I’m sure Noa will find these funny at some point, if not yet.The interaction between the three of them was really so cute, and it was so special to watch because, as this Euphoria fan account said “that moment was so important because she had never met other trans people and when she saw Hunter in Euphoria it was like seeing someone like her for the first time.”And fans of the show, whether they are transgender or cisgender or somewhere in between, are happy about the surprise rendezvous.Zendaya even tells the girl that she is quote “so happy she approached her” after the fan said that she was scared. And hopefully we will be seeing a lot more behaviour like this in the future, because Euphoria Season 2 has already been confirmed and is in the works at HBO.And hey, maybe they’ll even give Noa a walk-on role. What a dream! What do you guys think about this interaction? If you could run into just one of your celebrity idols, who would you choose? Let me know your opinions down in the comment section below!

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