During the pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong, Sunday, December 8, one woman protested by crawling on her hands and knees among the crowds, dragging bricks and empty soda cans on pieces of string behind her.

The protester's piece of performance art won cheers from marchers in the rally, who shouted "go for it!" to encourage her.

She wore gloves to protect her hands as she crawled along the road.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters packed the streets of Hong Kong on Sunday to mark six months of an unprecedented, sweeping anti-government movement in this Chinese-ruled, semi-autonomous city.

The police-sanctioned march on Sunday which started at 3pm local time was largely peaceful but tensions escalated in the evening, when riot police got locked into a tense standoff with a large group of black-clad protesters who split off from the authorized rally to occupy a major thoroughfare in the business district of Central, the end point of the protest route. (VOA/AP)

LINK: https://www.voanews.com/east-asia-pacific/hundreds-thousands-protesters-...

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