Woman Loses 125 Pounds On The Keto Diet

Have you considered trying the keto diet?

Author Jennifer Still wrote an article for Business Insider, detailing how she lost 125 pounds while on the keto diet and how it helped improve her overall health.

She says that some of the ways that keto helped her include:

1. Curbed her sugar addiction.

Jennifer explains, "Since keto is an extremely low carbohydrate diet, in which you're supposed to eat no more than 20 grams of net carbs per day, that means sugar is out the window."

2. Helped her develop a healthy relationship with food.

Jennifer admits that although some consider keto a trendy diet, she believes that she will stay on a low-carb regime for a while.

3.The keto diet increased her confidence. It also made her feel less self-conscious about wearing certain types of clothes.

Jennifer says, "The real confidence boost has come from sticking to my goal and working hard towards achieving it."


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