'Build that wall' - was a regular slogan from U.S. president Donald Trump during and after his campaign.

Now, he's demanding over 5 billion dollars from the Democratic controlled House of Representatives to keep his promise.

The Democrats have refused to give in--

Which has led to a partial government shutdown that began on december 22nd.

It's affecting nearly 800,000 government employees.

The president has threatened to prolong the shutdown for months or even years.

And there's even talk of declaring a national emergency and bypassing Congress altogether.

So, is this faceoff about the wall, or the Presidency?

And how is it changing American politics?

Oliver McGee - a former Senior White House adviser and former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Transportation under the Clinton administration.

Shawn Zeller - Deputy Editor of Congressional Quarterly Magazine.

Allan Lichtman - Professor of Political History at the American University.

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