Scotland and Catalonia are well-known hotspots in Europe for their struggles for independence. But there are many other secessionist movements across the continent. Some seeking to breakaway, others simply wanting more say.

In France, the island of Corsica has long sought to have greater autonomy from the central government in Paris.

And with nationalists winning big in recent regional elections, there's been more pressure on the government to negotiate.

French president Emmanuel Macron arrived in Corsica on Tuesday, with the backdrop of a rising nationalist sentiment on the island.

Some Corsicans want special status and greater autonomy. This is not a new demand and has plagued french governments for decades.

And President Macron is expected to set the tone for relations with Paris moving forward.

Thousands of nationalist supporters marched through the streets ahead of his visit calling for democracy.

So, how will Paris deal with growing discontent in Corsica?

Jacques Reland - Senior Research Fellow at the Global Policy Institute.

Michael Keating - Professor at the University of Aberdeen and Director of the Centre for Constitutional Change.

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