Are you obsessed with the internet? You’re not alone! These are the tricks internet companies use to keep you hooked.

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How Video Games Are Getting Inside Your Head — And Wallet

“Researchers in game companies tweak games to get players to stay on longer, or to encourage them to spend money on digital goods. They study gamers' reactions. It's become a science. And parents like Max's mom, Vanessa Kelmon, often feel outgunned.”

Meet the tech company that wants to make you even more addicted to your phone

“Now, armed with $1 million in seed funding and some initial data that their experiments in mind control actually work, Dopamine Labs is spending money to boost its staff and sales and marketing efforts to bring more apps in on its brain science.”

Neural Lace Promises to Connect Our Brains to the Internet

“Neural lace" was coined by Iain Banks in a long running set of science fiction novels. In the books, the tech helps brains interact with AI, and with each other. Back in the real world, tech companies want to give your brain this same upgrade!”

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