Why Toyota Killed The FJ Cruiser

The Toyota FJ Cruiser was a boxy throwback that made a splash when it was first introduced. Then Toyota killed it after U.S. sales plummeted. Now old FJ Cruisers sell for more than half their original sticker price on the used market.

The Toyota FJ Cruiser is a boxy, retro off-roader with a devoted following and surprisingly high resale value. After strong FJ Cruiser sales that surpassed Toyota's expectations, suddenly no one seemed to want one. The Toyota FJ Cruiser was partially a casualty of the Great Recession and rising gas prices, but why is it suddenly popular?

The FJ Cruiser debuted as a concept car in 2003. It was meant to be a salute to the classic FJ Land Cruiser vehicles that were among the first that Toyota released in the United States in the late 1950s. These vehicles are considered by many to be classics with old school styling that resembles Jeeps and Land Rovers of the time.

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