They always say, “Red Bull gives you wings.”

But if you want a drink to get you through your flight, reach for some ginger ale.

It’s a safe bet for your next plane ride because it tastes better in the air than on the ground.

It’s because our taste buds act differently in the air than on land.

You can thank the drier air and cabin pressure for that.

These factors mess with our sense of taste and smell a bit, making some foods and drinks taste different.

Sweet and salty items are affected, according to a nutritionist Travel + Leisure spoke with.

A study from Cornell University found sweetness is suppressed.

And savory tastes are significantly enhanced.

This is why many find bloody mary’s taste better on a plane.

Same thing happens with ginger ale.

HuffPost says when you’re on a plane, the extra-dry and sharp taste is what’s making your taste buds dance; not the sweetness.

This makes for a more refreshing drink at over 30,000 feet.

Health website Healthline – and common sense – link ginger and ginger ale to home remedies for nausea, indigestion and muscle pain.

Translation, ginger ale can help with your upset stomach if you’re a nervous flyer.

But other health experts say it doesn’t have that much to do with ginger, but more to do with the carbonation that’s soothing your stomach.

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