Why Biden Is Ignoring His Rivals

The field of Democratic candidates for president stands at 23.

Yet, former VP Joe Biden stands alone at the top of the field.

His poll numbers consistently show him in double digit leads across every state and nationally.

The New York Times says that Biden is campaigning as if he's running alone.

He has invested less time in the early-voting primary states than many of his rivals.

Biden visited in general-election battlegrounds like Pennsylvania and Ohio.

And in New York on Monday and Tuesday, he is scheduled to headline high-dollar fund-raisers.

Mr. Biden’s is determined to play by his own rules in the Democratic primary.

The former VP is gambling that his widespread name recognition and status as early poll-leader put above the primary fray.

Mr. Biden handled attacks from Progressives by bringing attention back to November 2020.

In Mt. Pleasent, Iowa last week, he asked reporters “Who is most likely to be able to beat President Trump?”

“Because if that doesn’t happen, nothing changes.”


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