The truth is a lot of people were shocked to hear about the new couple but now that we know these two are officially dating we can totally see why the gravitated towards each other in the first place. One source told E news that the two have actually been friends for a while and hang out in the same circles. That’s one thing that definitely helps a relationship being able to hang out with the same friends. Another thing that makes this relationship so perfect was the timing. How crazy is it that Ariana broke up with her boyfriend of 2 years Mac Miller just a week before Pete split up with his longtime girlfriend Cazzie David? Timing really is everything and these to both became single at the perfect time.

Another reason that makes this new relationship work so well is that Ariana needs more stability in her life and insider told E new quote “Ariana has been through a lot with Mac Miller recently and is excited to have a fresh new start with someone who is more stable.” Aka Pete. They continued saying quote “She loves that Pete makes her laugh and they share a common sense of humor. They’re both happy together and Ariana is in a better place since splitting with Mac.”

You know what the say a couple who laughs together stays together…or something like that. And one more thing that is super important…they are on the same page! There is nothing worse than someone wanting more out of the relationship than you are willing to give. Ariana and Pete are both more than happy to take things slow. They are in no rush to make it official. They laugh together, they are great friends, they are on the same page and they both ended up being single at the same time see why this relationship makes sense? Let me know in the comments below if you were surprised by the news of these two dating or if you were one of the few who thought it made perfect sense. After that click here to get all the details on the newest season of 13 reasons why. Thanks for watching Clevver I’m your host Jackie Iadonisi I’ll see you soon.

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