WHO on Top of Covid 19 Research

The World Health Organization officially named the new deadly coronavirus, ‘Covid-19’. The total number of confirmed cases in China has passed 44-thousand. The death toll stands at over 1,100, while more than 4,700 people have recovered. This Tuesday, the WHO held a meeting gathering the world's leading scientists and medical experts for a clear mission-- to map out over these two days the gaps in research, learn more about the specifics of this virus and above all to decide the best way to develop medicines and ultimately a vaccine which could cure it. Earlier this week, a WHO-led team of international experts arrived in Beijing to help with the response to the epidemic. For more on the WHO's latest assessment, Tian Wei talked to Tarik Jašarević, the spokesperson for the World Health Organization.

2020/02/12 WHO on Top of Covid-19 Research / Facts on Viruses, Ways to Curb Spread

-- The World Health Organization is on top of coronavirus research and prevention. The lowdown from the W-H-O spokesperson.

-- Covid-19 on lockdown -- a health expert at the Davos Forum lays down the facts on viruses, and ways to contain them.

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