Sorry, kids but this free ride is coming to an end soon.

I’m talking about family vacations.

If you were lucky enough to go on a few back in the day, chances are you never saw the bill.

But most older folks say the youngins should start paying for travel costs when they’re around 20 years old.

That’s according to a new Bankrate survey of over 2,500 adults who were asked questions about money and age.

Stuff like when children should foot the bill for their credit cards, car payments, subscription services and travel expenses.

Survey respondents said 20 is the magic number that it’s time for kids to pay up.

But when it came to big-ticket items like student loans, housing costs and health insurance, parents were willing to foot the bill for a few more years – in the 21-23 age range.

All of this help is putting their retirement at risk.

Half of the respondents said they’ve sacrificed their savings to help their kids.

The time for child’s play is over.

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