When It’s OK to Work Out After Being Sick

Working out usually doesn’t work for most people when they’re sick.

But how long should you wait to hit the gym after being sick?

It depends what’s got you down for the count.

You’ll need more time to recover from “below the neck” illnesses, like the flu or a stomach virus.

The nausea, chest coughs and fevers you experienced with the flu need to be taken seriously.

Take it from a fitness expert Bustle spoke with.

Say it was the flu that got you down, don’t get your heart rate going too high when you first get back into your routine.

That’s because the flu messes with your respiratory system.

It’s easy to get out of breath when your heart and lungs are still recovering from the flu.

The takeaway point is to gradually increase intensity with each session and go slow, as in, workout for shorter periods.

The chief medical editor at Harvard Health Publishing says wait until the fever is gone before hitting the gym.

On the other hand, if it’s a mild cold that doesn’t leave you with a nasty cough, the same expert says you can still workout while you’re sick.

Just cut the intensity and duration in half.

Finally, listen to your body, not your fitness watch.

U.S. News & World Report says it’s a smart move to go at a pace your body feels comfortable with.

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