Following mass march and violent protests, government leaders in Madrid are dismissing Catalan calls for talks.

It's been two years since Catalonia tried - and failed to break away from Spain, but the campaign for independence hasn't died.

The jailing of separatist leaders this week re-ignited the debate, sparking a mass march from all over Catalonia to Barcelona.

And violent protests in the regional capital have raised questions about the reaction from Spain's government in Madrid - especially before next month's national election.

The region's pro-independence leader Quim Torra, has called for unconditional talks with the Spanish government

But Prime minister Pedro Sanchez has dismissed the calls saying Torra must first unequivocally condemn the unrest

So What are the chances for a political solution?

Juan Rivadella, a Pro-Unionist and member of Catalan Business Association

Carles Sua, a representative of the Catalan National Assembly

Juan Rodríguez Teruel, an associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Valencia.

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