What Science Was Actually Done on the Moon?

Apollo 14 conducted more scientific exploration of the Moon than any mission before it, and discoveries from the trip would eventually shape a new understanding of our celestial neighbor.

Apollo 14 Demonstrated Spaceflight Challenges Are Solvable


“When Apollo 14 touched down on the moon on Feb. 5, 1971, it was more than a 240,000-mile trip – it was a hard-fought return to flight for NASA's Apollo Program and America's first person in space.”

Apollo 14: 'Rookie' Crew and a Famous Golf Ball


“Today, many people best remember this mission as the one where an astronaut hit golf balls on the moon, but the crew also had several other adventures.”

The 8 weirdest things we've left on the moon


“Humans tend to leave junk wherever we go. The moon is no exception. It's estimated that we've left nearly 400,000 pounds of stuff on the moon over the course of dozens of human and uncrewed missions.”

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