On Friday Disney releases the live-action remake of its 1992 animated classic, Aladdin.

But two weeks ago, Asylum Pictures, a small, low budget studio released its own feature film - Adventures of Aladdin. That’s not a coincidence. That’s Asylum’s business model.

The business model for "mockbusters" is simple: make shoestring imitation movies that confuse viewers looking for genuine Hollywood blockbusters.

Asylum Pictures, a small, low-budget studio is in the business of making knock-off movies, or mockbusters. We go to the set of their version of "Aladdin"

"Our films tend to be... shitty, mostly. You know, not to be taken too seriously. You watch it. You have a good time. You never have to think about it again"

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NBA 20 Nov 2019 04:24 CET