Using ultrasound and a prototype waterproof monitor, medics and researchers are watching Ben Lecomte's heart closely. Can examining his EKG waves in ocean waves help us prevent fatal heart disease?

Is the Secret to Superhuman Performance in Your Gut? The Swim -

How Advances in Wearable Cardiac Monitors Improve the Patient and Clinician Experience

"The newest devices are small, lightweight, water-resistant, disposable, and can be worn for up to seven days. This extended time period allows for efficient diagnosis of a variety of irregular heart rhythms, including the most common form — atrial fibrillation (AF)."

Artificial intelligence could help diagnose a deadly heart condition

"AliveCor built a deep neural network using EKG results from more than 1,000 patients with congenital LQTS and more than 1,000 patients without it. The system identified relevant features and continued to learn from the data. It detected the condition in people where the length of electrical waves measured in an EKG were indistinguishable from normal ones — picking up on signals doctors hadn't seen. This could help diagnose people earlier and prevent sudden deaths, Ackerman said."

Can cold water swimming treat depression?

"This is called "cross-adaptation", where one form of stress adapts the body for another. There is increasing evidence linking depression and anxiety with the inflammation that accompanies a chronic stress response to the physical and psychological problems of modern life. Through cross-adaptation, cold water swimming may be able to reduce this chronic stress response together with the inflammation and mental health problems that affect so many of us."

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