For decades, Planned Parenthood has insisted that it’s a health care organization.

The organization says it only cares about abortion as it’s a function of health care.

To prove that point it hired Leana Wen, the first doctor to head the organization in fifty years.

Wen insisted that abortions are just a tiny share of its purpose. She pushed the health care angle of Planned Parenthood.

The board of Planned Parenthood has terminated Wen after less than a year.

BuzzFeed and the NY Times report that Wen wasn’t single-mindedly devoted to abortion enough.

She also, allegedly, took the organization in a less political and divisive direction.

That resulted in staffers quitting over the new direction of Planned Parenthood.

Rich Lowry of Politico says Wen's ouster proves the organization is a political organization focused only on abortions.

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