What’s up everyone it’s Erin Robinson here with Clevver News and Happy Turkey Week! I know I’ll be getting my grub on majorly… but I really hope that my eyes or mouth will encounter some of the weird, wild and downright disgusting Thanksgiving foods that exist! Okay so your most basic fixings for Thanksgiving include stuffing, green bean casserole, dinner rolls, mashed taters, turkey, gravy and possibly a ham! BUT we all know, no matter how many people at the dinner table WILL NOT TOUCH IT with a 10 foot pole… there is always that damned cranberry JAM! You know the one that literally slips out of a can and onto a plate… can ridges and all! I don’t care how many ways a Michelin Star chef could tell me how to dress it up and make it good… I REFUSE for my plate to go anywhere near this! And for all ya NASTIES out there that are like _____ this is my favorite dish.. How could you say that?!? Well I have this to say… A second questionable dish you may want to leave at home is Potato and Celery root gratin. Yeah, hopefully none of y’all have ever heard of this because after my eyes saw what this horrid concoction was… I had to wash my eyes! So this potato and celery root gratin is a potato style dish that requires you to peel, CAREFULLY, the celery root also known as Celeriac… yeah sounds like a health condition I don’t want to catch. If this peeling process is not done carefully it could potentially lead you to the urgent care! While it is an au gratin potatoe style dish… it’s the celery root and leeks that are making my face turn down. I personally have not had this, but again… the ingredients are questionable and definitely not a normal eat during this holiday! Any non meat eaters or anyone who gets sick at too much meat… close your ears cause the next wild dish to hit thanksgiving tables is the TUR-DUCKEN! Yes a duck stuffed inside of a Turkey. I’m not one to shy away from the turkey during Thanksgiving dinner… honestly I’m mainly like… I don’t know if its the thickness of the meat, the discoloration in the two meats… or the fact that someone stuffed a bird inside a bird! They’re the same species, come on now! I’m sure this is considered a delicacy of Thanksgiving and is not an easy dish to make, but something about this just rubs me the wrong way! Also.. people even go as far to put stuffing, hard boiled eggs and wrap it in bacon… like NUH-UH… HARD PASS!

In the tune of things that should not go inside of a turkey… or a soda bottle for that matter… may I present to you Tofurky and Gravy Soda! OH yes people this does exist and I am appalled!Jones soda co., which is a very popular and well respected business, created this line of soda. Now, if you don’t know what a tofurky is… it’s a tofu form of turkey! The motto goes, if you don’t want turkey, eat a TOFURKY! Now if you don’t want to spend money on this to see how it tastes… just take this guys reaction for it. My motto… if you don’t want to vomit, leave the money in your wallet! … okay I can’t with myself! The last two items on our list may cause a debate down in the comments and I’m all ears… but let me explain why these two dishes may not want to enter your home on Thanksgiving! Let’s chat about corn pudding shall we?Never in my widlest dreams did i think that pudding and corn would be combined into a dish to create what looks like Rihanna’s dress at the Met Ball! Also, never did I think pudding.. that sweet, chocolatey savory dessert would be penetrated by CORN and served up as a legitimate thanksgiving dish!!! I’ll have you know, corn is a vegetable that doesn’t break down in your digestive system! And don’t even get me started on GRITS! Yes, grits as in the food that looks like it came from a baby’s diaper! Someone had the gall to bring this to a Thanksgiving dinner I attended, I almost flipped the table! Grits is a food made from a dish of boiled cornmeal. Here we go again with the corn. It’s typically served with other flavors and mostly served as a breakfast dish! Okay… so if I were to add anything to this baby food dish.. I guess I’d have to choose cheese and bacon.. Because we all know cheese and bacon make everything taste better… so if that’s an alternative to nasty plain grits at my thanksgiving dinner, I’ll take it. Just please do not get the corn pudding or Tofurky & Gravy soda anywhere near me! Okay, I know this got a little off the rails and showed how little my tastebuds get any weird action… but I hope I was able to help you navigate this year’s thanksgiving dinner dishes! If you’ve come in contact with weird, wild or downright disgusting Thanksgiving dishes… let me know in the comments below!

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