In his closing statements during an impeachment hearing on Nov. 19, Rep. Adam Schiff, the chair of the House Intelligence Committee, praised witnesses for coming forward to report their concerns about President Donald Trump’s request that Ukraine investigate his political rivals. Some government officials have linked that request to U.S. aid to Ukraine that was put on hold before being released after a whistleblower filed a complaint about it. During a hearing featuring Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and Jennifer Williams, Schiff said releasing the aid does not absolve Trump of wrongdoing. “That doesn’t make it better. It’s no less odious because it was discovered and it was stopped and we have courageous people like yourself who come forward, who report things, who do what they should do, who have a sense as you put it Colonel, of duty, of duty not to the person of the president but to the presidency and to the country,” Schiff said. He added that Trump does not care about Ukraine and its effort to keep Russia in check, only his own political interests. “The president may not care about it, but we do,” Schiff said.

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