Venezuelans are turning to alternative medicine as the country is gripped by medicine shortages and hyperinflation, as can be seen in footage from the 'Brother Guayanes' spiritual clinic in Petare, a city in the Greater Caracas Area, on Friday.

Carlos Rosales, a spiritual healer working at the centre, said the business has been booming with a 300 percent increase in patients, adding that "even if people had money to pay for a consultation, they wouldn't have enough money to pay for the medicines."

"A consultation in a clinic with hepatitis costs $20 (€18.12), it is enough, plus remedies and exams, everything is very expensive," went on Elisandra Suarez, who has come to get treatment for hepatitis.

She continued: "Here they give you things that are all natural and purifying, things that one has greater access to in order to improve oneself."

All across Venezuela, particularly in poverty- stricken areas, such as Petare, thousands of people are affected by a severe shortage of food, medicine, and basic goods. The country's healthcare crisis is forcing the population to turn to alternative medicine for treatment, spiritual healers and shamans. According to reports, some 300,000 chronically ill people who don't have access to evidence-based treatment methods, are estimated to be in danger of dying.

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