Venezuelan police and agents of the Bolivarian Intelligence Service surrounded the opposition-led National Assembly offices in Caracas on Tuesday, following reports of an alleged explosive device.

Lawmakers and employees were not allowed to enter the building, while on its official Twitter account, the National Assembly denounced the blockade as an attempt to get control of the building.

"Today they try to kidnap the palace, we clearly notice that it is an attempt to close the Federal Legislative Palace," read the tweet.

Opposition leader Juan Guaido tweeted: "He [Nicolas Maduro] believes that Power is in buildings, in drawers, in a bunch of keys. The Power that they once had, they lost when they lost the People. And this AN (National Assembly) was elected by the people and will defend its legitimacy!"

Venezuela has been in political crisis since January 23, when Guaido declared himself president in a move now recognized by over 50 countries including the United States the European Union. The National Assembly has declared its support to Juan Guaido.

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