Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced the arrest of four suspects of participating in the attempted 'invasion' of Venezuela within the framework of 'Operation Black First Crush of the Enemy.' He made the statement during a virtual press conference with national and international journalists in Caracas on Wednesday.

The president reiterated that the United States government is involved in the incident. "The State Department, through Mike Pompeo, declared today that they didn't have any direct participation in these events. You might ask, as a good journalist, they didn't have any direct participation, but have they had any indirect participation?" he asked.

He also said that he is aware that US President Donald Trump receives daily reports about the situation in the country.

According to Maduro, another connection between the US government and the alleged raid is Jordan Goudreau, a former US military officer and current director of the security company SilverCorp, who "has provided security services, intelligence services, under contract to the White House, and the State Department. Jordan Goudreau has provided bodyguard service and protection to Donald Trump on many occasions."

During the press conference, they also showed a video of Luke Denman, an alleged US mercenary who claimed to have seen a contract signed by SilverCorp and Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido.

According to the local authorities, the Venezuelan police seized ten rifles, two machine guns, which had been stolen in 2019, six trucks and a boat from the group on Sunday. The Venezuelan government alleged that the illegal speedboat incursion was part of a plan that would evolve into acts of terrorism and eventually an attempted coup.

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Associated Press 11 May 2020 11:44 CEST

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