Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accused his Colombian counterpart Ivan Duque of being a “puppet of Donald Trump” while speaking in Caracas on Monday, and criticized the set of documents presented by Duque at the United Nations General Assembly.

"Ivan Duque [President of Colombia] lies, because he wants a war. That's why he's lying. He lies because he is [a] puppet of Donald Trump and wants an armed conflict against Venezuela. Ivan Duque lies, lies and lies," Maduro said.

During his speech at the United Nations General Assembly, Duque presented a series of photographs that, according to him, proved that members of the National Liberation Army (ELN) guerillas received protection from the Venezuelan government.

However, according to Colombian press reports, several of the images presented by Duque had nothing to do with the accusation, and some were taken inside Colombia. This caused Oswaldo Pena Bermeo, head of Colombia's Joint Military Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence, to lose his job.

Maduro also reiterated his opposition to any type of joint U.S.-Colombian military exercise, pointing out that "we reject any attempt to announce or carry out military exercises between the U.S. army and Colombian military forces that might in any way imply a threat to Venezuela.

Finally, the Venezuelan president pointed out that "there should be a thousand political trials of Donald Trump" because of the pressure exerted on governments all over the world to "attack Venezuela".