A group of Venezuelan engineers, who work in the Simon Rodriguez Technology Complex in Caracas, undertook the task of repairing damaged incubators from public hospitals, in the middle of the strong economic crisis that the South American country is experiencing, as shown by footage obtained on Friday.

The initiative began with a couple of incubators that were left in a warehouse because they did not work and were taken for this team of engineers and technicians to work on.

The engineers work for the National Centre for Development and Research in Telecommunications Foundation, which already has repaired over 200 incubators and other medical equipment without the use of foreign currency or imported spare parts.

The engineers who participated in the project, trained in the area of telecommunications, had to update themselves in the field of electromedicine to start the damaged equipment and with the participation of workers, who assemble cell phones and computers and mechanical engineers, put all these equipment back into operation.

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