The Vice President of Venezuela Delcy Rodriguez dismissed the proposed shipments of humanitarian aid to her country as 'a farce' calling it 'the worst false positive diagnosis ever' as she spoke during an exclusive interview in Caracas on Friday.

"There is no humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. The social wounds in Venezuela have resulted from the blockade," she said.

Rodriguez said the incumbent President Nicolas Maduro had 'dealt with the most vulnerable sectors of the population head on, with those who had been the most affected by the embargo on food and medicine.'

"They are seeking to foist a false positive result on us which would enable them, as former head of the United States Southern Command John Kelly said in October 2015, to intervene in Venezuela. It will not happen. We will not allow that to happen," she said.

Rodriguez stressed that Washington's war-oriented agenda obstructs a dialogue between the Venezuelan official government and the opposition.

She dismissed an apparent belief in US supremacy as 'primitive', adding that the geopolitical configuration has changed.

The vice president also took aim at the political stance of the Colombian government, slamming its 'blatant' violation of UN statutes.

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