A British vegan activist @mythical.mia published a disturbing video of her sitting in a car covered in blood and described a thrilling story in a post.

According to her, a group of activists entered a rabbit farm in Gurb, Osona, and 'rescued' 16 animals. Soon the farmer arrived and attacked them “smashing their heads with metal poles.” Police arrived at the scene as well and escorted the rescuers out of the premises but this was not over yet.

Later on a group of farmers chased the activists down the motorway and ‘blocked them into a dead end’, surrounding them with five cars. This time activists called for the police who arrived and escorted them to another safe place. Police refused to follow activists to their house and “10 minutes later back on the motorway one of [farmer’s] cars pulled up alongside us and shot at us.”

Police has rebuffed the claims about a gunshots saying “the window was most likely struck by a “forceful object”, due to the nature of the impact, rather than a shot from a shotgun.” They also stated that only 14 rabbits were reported missing after the incident. Later Mia posted a picture of one of the ‘rescued’ rabbits stating that it has a parasite in an ear due to poor living conditions.”

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Associated Press 11 May 2020 11:44 CEST

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