The cast and creators of HBO's Westworld unveiled a new trailer for the show at Comic Con on Saturday in San Diego, California. They also discussed the show's futuristic technologies being "right around the corner" and their implications for our society.

"I think we're actually entering the age of artificial stupidity. I think that's where we're headed now, a low grade, kind of dumb algorithmic world," co-creator Jonathan Nolan said. "One of the things that happening is, you should call it the - well, HBO won't like this, but, the Netflix effect, right? Which is Netflix tells you what you want to watch next. […] Just picture that applied to every part of your whole life, […] we're already kind of in there."

New cast-member Aaron Paul said, "People 50 years ago would look at this society as being just a crazy, crazy futuristic world that just seems impossible to exist, but what you're about to see, season 3, is just right around the corner like, like he was talking about, and that is insane."

Westworld's third season, set in a futuristic version of Los Angeles, is scheduled to broadcast in 2020.

While originally focused on comic books, San Diego Comic Con has become one of the largest yearly events focusing on nerd culture, gathering hundreds of thousands of cosplayers and fans every year. It will take place until Monday.

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