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Washington would not need to worry about its oil and gas reserves after the drone attacks on Saudi Arabia oil facilities threw oil prices off balance in the world, according to US President Donald Trump speaking at a New Mexico rally on Monday night.

“We don't want to panic, but a few years ago they would have been in a panic. Today we have a lot of oil. We got a lot of gas. A lot of oil and gas,” said Trump who boasted of US’s independence in the energy sector.

In his New Mexico rally, Trump is looking ahead to the presidential election of 2020.

He is targeting the state which voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

New Mexico has a sizable Latino population and Trump must attempt to gauge how successful he will be with these voters in the 2020 election, as Latino voters are expected to become the largest minority electorate group for the first time.

Music in the file may be subject to copyright.

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