US President Donald Trump praised his administration’s efforts to boost the economy and bolster energy production in the United States while speaking to workers at a Shell petrochemical plant in Monaca, Pennsylvania on Tuesday.

Trump began by saying how "proud" he was that the United States is now the number one energy producer in the world, saying that Democrats and international treaties, such as the Paris Accord, would have prevented the United States from doing so.

"They wanted to take away your wealth. They didn’t want you to drill. They didn’t want you to frack. They didn’t want you to do steel. They wanted to take away your wealth. Now, the press will try and spin that differently, but I’m right, okay? The fake news," Trump said, adding in a jab at the media.

"Despite all of this exceptional progress, however, some politicians in this country still want to keep America's vast energy treasures buried deep underground, let other nations take advantage of our country...They see factories like this not as cause for celebration, but cause for condemnation," Trump said, referring to the Democrats.

Trump went on to criticise the so-called 'Green New Deal' proposed by many Democrats, saying it would put "everybody in this room out of work."

"But I don't want to speak badly about it, you know, you've heard me say this, I want to encourage them, that should be their platform. I don't want to do it too early, I did it very early with Pocahontas [Senator Elizabeth Warren] I should have probably waited," Trump added.

Trump again joked about the media, telling those in attendance "you want to really drive them crazy? Go do hashtag third term, hashtag fourth term. You’ll drive them totally crazy."

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