US President Donald Trump celebrated "a real victory for American workers, American manufacturing and American jobs" alongside Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Sunday, as Australian giant Pratt Industries inaugurated a large paper mill in Wapakoneta, Ohio.

"We proudly declare that Pratt Industries and this great great state of Ohio is open for business, open for business," the US President said to the cheers of those in attendance, adding "it's been an incredible victory having Anthony and the whole Pratt Industries here, but it's been a real victory for American workers, American manufacturing and American jobs, we love jobs."

Trump went on to say that "when this plant is fully operational, hundreds of Ohio workers will have full-time jobs, with quality healthcare, with retirement benefits and really great wages."

Morrison stressed the importance of employment, saying "We believe in the way that jobs transform lives, how jobs give people choices, people are raising families, doing the right thing, building their communities, putting their kids through school, helping their neighbours, putting aside money for the retirement."

Pratt Industries Executive Chairman and Australian billionaire Anthony Pratt personally guided the leaders of both countries through the factory, explaining the process used by his company.

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