US President Donald Trump said his recent conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky — which is at the crux of the rumours regarding an internal whistleblower complaint — was 'largely congratulatory', and attacked former US Vice President Joe Biden for corruption, while speaking in Washington DC on Sunday.

"The conversation I had was largely congratulatory, was largely corruption, all of the corruption taking place, was largely the fact that we don't want our people, like Vice President Biden and his son, creating to the corruption already in the Ukraine," said Trump.

"This is a very dishonest thing that Joe Biden did. And then he said he never spoke to his son. Does anybody believe that one? But then he also said, long before, that he did speak to his son. So he lied, again," said Trump.

"But what he said is that he wouldn't give, I think it was billions of dollars to Ukraine, unless they fire the prosecutor who was looking at his son and his son's company, the company that his son worked with. And that's a very dishonest thing. And I'm not looking to hurt Biden. I'm not even looking to hold him to it, to be honest. But he said a very bad thing. He said a very foolish thing," he added.

The whistleblower's complaint reportedly includes a private conversation between Trump and a foreign leader, possibly Zelensky. Trump reportedly made a promise, the content of which is still unclear, to the leader.

According to the media, the Trump administration has refused to share the report with Congress.

Then Vice President Biden traveled to Ukraine in March 2016 and threatened not to provide $1 (€0.91) billion in loan guarantees if Ukraine's government didn't sack its top prosecutor - a figure long thought to be lax on corruption by the international community - as part of long term efforts by the Obama administration to promote reform in the country.

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