The 70th International Astronautical Congress (IAC) kicked off in Washington DC on Monday, with space experts as well as politicians taking part in the event.

Russia's Roscosmos State Corporation's executive director for manned space programs Sergei Krikalev commented on NASA's plans to launch a space station in lunar orbit by 2024 - the Lunar Gateway. The Gateway project is intended for moon exploration with a future purpose of being a staging point for cosmonauts flying to Mars and back.

Krikalev said that despite Russia developing its own spacecraft to deliver cosmonauts to the moon, the country might also participate in the Gateway project.

"Of course, we will develop our own national program, the problem now is that these program[s] need to be adjusted to each other so we need to clarify what we are going to do with Russia's program, and see how this program will be joined together with Gateway program," said Krikalev.

The IAC will run until October 25.

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