The San Francisco Dungeon is offering a RAT-themed pop-up bar, complete with the opportunity to play with real rats, as seen in a report from Saturday.

Guests can sip on rat-themed cocktails - such as the Ama-RAT-o sour- as they mingle with domesticated rats supplied by local pet adoption agency Ratical Rodent Rescue, who hope the event will help find homes for the rodents.

Jennifer Edwards, San Francisco Dungeon marketing manager, explained that the idea was inspired by a 'rat café' event that she held two years ago in which patrons could cuddle with rats while getting a coffee and pastry before heading into a show. The event was so popular that Edwards decided to build on her early success.

"For the dungeon, it just fits really well because it's what you would picture for a dark and stormy type of area, a gloomy type of street, something that's a little creepy," she said, adding that the Dungeon wanted to re-educate people that rats can also be cute and fun.

Tickets are priced at US$50 (€44.50) and get customers a free rat-themed cocktail, a tour of the dungeon and 30 minutes of play time with the rats - making it the perfect opportunity to chill out and take a break from the rat race of life.

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