Activists rallied outside a migration centre in McAllen, at the US-Mexico border on Friday, protesting against the scheduled visit of US Vice-President Mike Pence. The rally took place as part of a nationwide protest against inhumane conditions in migrant detention centres.

The protesters exhibited numerous placards denouncing the centres, as well as family separation.

Speaking in front of the crowd, one protester said, "And these children no longer have the opportunity to dream the American dream, which is the one that they had or their families had. And now they have to live the nightmare of having lost their loved ones."

Another protester said, "The world is watching. And that's, I think, what sometimes our leaders forget. The world is watching, and I do not want to say I'm embarrassed. I'm just very very concerned."

"The white supremacy ideology that this administration encourages, embraces, and lifts up -- that is not my America. It has never been my America. But that's going to change," said a third protester.

Thousands of people took part in protests across the US, as demonstrators call for closure of migrant detention centres.

The treatment of migrants in the detention centres - particularly child migrants - has come under fire in recent months, with reports emerging of squalid conditions and cruelty from staff. Members of Congress such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez testified to the House Oversight and Reform Committee yesterday that detainees face abuse and inhumane conditions.