The Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) approved a resolution calling for the cessation of violence and immediate elections in Bolivia, during a meeting in Washington DC on Wednesday.

The draft resolution, presented by Brazil and Colombia, was approved by 26 countries in favor, with three against, four abstentions and one absence.

Alejandro Ordonez Maldonado, ambassador for Colombia to the Organization of American States (OAS), said the resolution emphasizes “the need for elections as soon as possible” in Bolivia and called “to ensure that the electoral process is carried out with justice, freedom, transparency, and respect for the sovereign will of the Bolivian people.”

The representative of Mexico, Luz Elena Banos Rivas, who voted against the draft resolution, said that the OAS "cannot promote a thesis where the end justifies the means and much less when the constitutional order and democracy of a member state are at stake."

The Bolivian constitution states an interim president has 90 days in which to arrange an election.

Earlier this month, Evo Morales announced his resignation after several weeks of protests over the results of the October 20 elections.

Senator Jeanine Anez declared herself an interim president at a Parliament session after Morales fled to Mexico. The extraordinary session was boycotted by Morales' socialist party (MAS).

The departure of Morales and Anez's recognition by Senate as the new president increased tensions between supporters and opponents of the former leader.

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