NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that NATO does not want a new arms race or a new Cold War with Russia, while giving a speech in Washington DC on Wednesday.

“We do not want a news arms race; we do not want a new Cold War. But we must not be naive. An agreement that is only respected by one side will not keep us safe. So we must also prepare for a world without the INF Treaty,” said Stoltenberg.

Touching on the issue of defence spending of other NATO allies raised by US President Donald Trump, Stoltenberg assured those in attendance that NATO countries have committed to spending more money on their collaborative defence.

“After years of reducing defence budgets, all allies have stopped the cuts. And all allies have increased the defence spending. Before, they were cutting billions, now they’re adding billions. In just the last two years, European allies in Canada have spent an additional 41 billion dollars on defence. By the end of next year, that figure will rise to 100 billion," Stoltenberg said.

The NATO Secretary-General also said that the United States is directly benefiting from those investments.

“This is good for Europe and it’s good for America. America’s NATO allies provide important capabilities, including tens of thousands of intelligence personnel and cyber experts. Giving United States better eyes and ears where you need them, from tracking submarines in the Arctic to taking down the cyber networks of ISIS. It provides the US with the platform to project power around the world,” he said.

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