Washington would not rule out 'a lethal strike' on Iran after the latter’s alleged involvement in carrying out a drone strike on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities, according to US President Donald Trump speaking on the White House lawn before departing for a New Mexico rally, in Washington DC on Monday.

"I would say yes," said Trump answering a reporter’s question as to whether a 'lethal strike' would be 'proportionate' to the attack on the oil facility.

Trump brushed off concerns of rising oil prices after the drone attack left half of Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves disrupted.

"We have tremendous amounts of oil in our country. We’re independent of everybody now. We have more than anybody else. We’re the number-one energy producer in the world, which took place very recently. And we will soon be substantially more than anybody else. So it won’t affect us," said Trump.

The drone attacks took place on September 14 at an oil processing facility in Abqaiq and the Khurais oil field, effectively disrupting half of Saudi Arabia's oil reserves. Houthi militants operating in Yemen claimed responsibility for the attack. However, US authorities have accused Iran of the attacks, which Iran has rejected.

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