USA: ICE offices picketed in San Francisco

Over a hundred people picketed the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office in San Francisco on Thursday to protest rumoured immigration raids across the country.

ICE is expected to target around 2,000 immigrants who have missed a court appearance or have been ordered to be removed from the country, according to reports. Activists claim there are reports from Thursday of such raids being conducted in the Californian counties of Sonoma and Alameda.

Protesters, including undocumented persons, were seen making speeches and holding protest signs to draw attention to their situation.

Activists who have been educating migrants on their rights, were also in tow. One of their number, Cynthia explained the kind of support they offer. "One of our efforts is to conduct more know-your-rights training so we are telling our community that they have the right to not open the door if ICE is at their door and they have the right to demand and ask for a signed warrant by a judge with the correct name of the person they are seeking to detain."

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VOA News 05 Dec 2019 22:31 CET

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