Climate activists from the Extinction Rebellion movement blocked streets in Washington DC on Thursday, protesting against the World Bank, reportedly alleging that it continues to fund fossil fuels.

Footage shows the protesters marching on the streets of the US capital, carrying banners and placards, blocking traffic.

"We're trying to raise attention toward the climate crisis and force our politicians and other leaders to take action that we've been demanding for so long. It's been decades that we've been fighting this fight, and we've come to the point of no return," said one of the protesters.

"I don't want to minimise the great strikes people have attempted over the past 30 years, but overall we're releasing more emissions now than ever. So, it hasn't worked. So playing nice has not worked. We're not violent, but we're not going to sit back and let our Earth disintegrate before our eyes," added another protester.

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Associated Press 11 May 2020 11:44 CEST

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