Black Lives Matter rallied against racism and police brutality in a protest in New Haven on Sunday, at the site where an unarmed black couple were shot at by police last week. On April 16, 22-year-old Stephanie Washington and her boyfriend Paul Witherspoon were stopped in their car by police, who had received a description earlier of a similar vehicle involved in a possible robbery. Police fired at the car, hitting Stephanie who was inside. She was hospitalised after suffering non-life-threatening injuries. Steven Holmes, a friend of Paul Witherspoon, said that the police force needed to be more transparent and accountable. "This is what happens, they drag it out and by the time they get that information out, the impact is weak. There needs to be more transparency," he said, adding that voice-activated body cameras on officers could be one measure used to achieve this. Mayor Curt Leng of the nearby town Hamden, where one of the officers was stationed, has called for change in the police force following the shooting.

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