A rally was held at the steps of Times Square in New York on Saturday to protest against the recent detention of Julian Assange.

Holding banners and delivering speeches criticizing the Pentagon, protesters demanded freedom for Assange.

“We have to get the whole system changed in order for folks to be able to speak out against US war crimes," said one protester.

"We are just out here in solidarity trying to make sure the Pentagon knows we are not going to shut up just because they want to scare us trying to repress Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning,” she added.

Assange was removed from the Ecuadorian embassy by London police on Thursday, bringing an end to his seven-year long stay in the building, and marking the end of his asylum status.

Assange, who was found guilty of breaching his bail at Westminster Magistrates Court on Thursday, is facing up to 12 months in jail for breaching bail when he is sentenced at the Crown Court, as well as a formal request by US prosecutors that he be extradited on espionage charges.

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