The four most common New Year's resolutions are exercising, healthy eating, saving money, and reducing stress

And according to Business Insider, some cities are simply more conducive to helping you keep your New Year's resolutions than others.

Among the 25 healthiest American cities, Minneapolis, Minnesota, came in at number five. But it ranked 41 nationwide for healthy eating!

Anaheim, California, was the highest-ranked city from California. It was ranked first in the nation for eating healthy and reducing stress.

Jersey City, New Jersey, ranked highly for exercise, eating healthy, and reducing stress. But it only ranked at No. 71 for saving money!

Madison, Wisconsin, ranked seventh for reducing stress, and came in at number two overall.

Finally, Scottsdale, Arizona, came in first in the nation overall for being most likely to allow its residents to keep their New Year's resolutions!

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