In July, 2015, the United Nations adopted its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), meant to improve the lives of billions of people by 2030. But a third of the way towards the deadline, a review has found the world is likely to fail to meet its commitments for education. Under the Sustainable Development Goals, all children should be in school by 2030. But at present rates of progress, fourteen percent will still not be in education by then. On literacy, all young people should be able to read and write by 2030. But it's feared that 20 percent will still be illiterate. Projections are worse for low-income countries. Pakistan, for example, has one of the worst levels of out-of-school primary-age children in the world. DW visited a school there to see what's being done to get kids into school and keep them there. Former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark is now an education advisor to UNESCO. She spoke with DW about the main issues involved in getting more children and young people educated.

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