UN: Russia and US lock horns over Venezuela crisis

The representatives of Russia and the USA got into a heated debate over the Venezuelan crisis, at a UN Council meeting in New York on Tuesday.

Russian Envoy Vasily Nebenzya accused Washington and London of 'robbing' the Venezuelan people of $30 billion (€26.3 billion) in oil and banking assets.

"We observe how they are blatantly robbing a sovereign country, trying to bring it to poverty in order to acting within the framework of the concept of humanitarian intervention, which is unrecognised by the international law, to change the undesirable regime there," said Nebenzya.

"Instead of the hypocritical attempt to bring in an aid of $20 billion, it is necessary to immediately lift the ban on the accounts of Venezuelan enterprises in American banks with $11 billion allocated by the government for the purchase of medicines, food and essential goods," he added.

Elliott Abrams, US Special Representative for Venezuela, on the other hand chose to denounce the violence which broke out at the Venezuelan border when humanitarian aid was prevented from entering the country.

"We are here today because of the de facto Maduro regime's refusal to allow humanitarian aid to enter Venezuela on February 23rd, which led to death, injuries and violence on two international borders," said Abrams.

"While Venezuelans were shot and beaten and killed as they tried to bring in food and medicine into their country, Maduro literally was dancing in Caracas. Four people died, more than 80 Venezuelans were injured, and it may be many more than that, after vigilantes from the regime opened fire," he added.

Fierce clashes broke out near the border town of Cucuta on Saturday after Venezuelan security forces blocked humanitarian aid, organised by the US, from entering the country. Nearly 300 were injured and four were reported dead in the clashes.

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