Deputy UN spokesperson Farhan Haq said that the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres thinks that "any new confrontation in the region would be a catastrophe," while speaking to the press about rising tensions in the Gulf region, at the UN's headquarters in New York City on Thursday.

"The Secretary-General has repeatedly called for all parties in the Gulf to avoid any acceleration and to exercise maximum restraint," Haq added.

The spokesperson's comments come in the wake of an incident in the Gulf on Wednesday when three boats from the Iranian Navy reportedly tried to force a British oil tanker traversing the region to change course, until a British navy frigate trained its guns on the Iranian vessels to force them off.

Tensions in the region are already at a heightened level in the wake of series of attacks on oil tankers in the area, which the US blames on Iran, in addition to Iran shooting down a US surveillance drone on June 20.

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