Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations Bashar Jafaari denounced the decision of US President Donald Trump to recognise the occupied Golan Heights as Israeli territory, during a United Nations Security Council meeting summoned by Syria in New York City on Wednesday.

"The majority of people here, with the exception of the US ambassador, did not acknowledge the US step, which proves that this American step violates resolutions 242-338 and 497," said Jafaari. "Annexing land by force is a violation of the UN Charter and Security Council resolutions. So we are not inventing the wheel here, the Israelis would like to re-invent the wheel in the Golan."

Jafaari went on to condemn an "Israeli occupation of Arab territories" and saying that "the majority of members of the United Nations have been telling Israel 'shame on you, Israel' since 1948. Of 193 member countries at least 150 members say 'shame on you, Israel.'"

Jafaari also touched down on US companies drilling for oil in the occupied Golan Heights, saying "the American partner today gave a licence to the Genie Company of the former vice president Dick Cheney to start searching for petrol and oil in the Golan. A US company is exploring petrol and oil in the Golan."

Jafaari's statement came as the UNSC rejected Washington's decision to recognise Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Golan Heights. All members of the council except for the US denounced the action.

On Monday, Trump signed a declaration recognising Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights, a territory the Israeli state captured from Syria in 1967. Israel subsequently annexed the Golan Heights in 1981, in a move that was not recognised internationally.

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