Chilean President Sebastian Pinera spoke about the need to end the "shameful and cruel dictatorship affecting the Venezuelan people" during his speech at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York City on Tuesday.

Pinera defined the government of Venezuela as "a corrupt and incompetent dictatorship that does not respect human rights and freedoms and has undeniable links with drug trafficking" and said that the lack of medicine and food has provoked a "massive migration" of approximately 4 million people. He also added that Venezuela is "a cause that all of Latin America is committed to.”

Another topic addressed by the leader was the planet’s climate crisis. As the organizer of the COP 25 that will be held in Santiago between December 2 and 13 of this year, Pinera invited "all governments and all sectors of society to join the COP Chile and to commit ourselves to this great challenge of our generation, it is a battle that still depends on us and consequently we cannot simply continue ignoring it."

The Chilean leader said that "there is no incompatibility or conflict between thinking about a global world and being a patriot at the same time, they do not confront each other. They are two parts of the same medal,” in what it seemed to be a response to US President Donald Trump’s earlier comments affirming that the future "does not belong to the globalists" but to the "patriots."

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