Several thousand people demonstration in Kiev's Maidan square on Sunday over the 'Steinmeier formula' for the breakaway regions in the Donbass.

The police press office statement said: "the situation is calm, there is, according to preliminary estimates, about three thousand people." A total of "300 policemen, national guard troops and police dialogue" are also on duty.

The organisers said the event would be taking place in over 30 Ukrainian cities and also in the Czech capital Prague.

The protest was called after the Trilateral Contact Group on Ukraine agreed on a ‘Steinmeier formula’, whereby the law of the special procedure of local government in certain districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions will come into force on a temporary basis on the day of the local elections, and on an ongoing basis - after the publication of the report of the OSCE that the elections were conducted in accordance with international democratic standards.

Ukrainian activists in response created so-called 'movement of resistance to capitulation' urging people to protest against such a settlement of the conflict in the east.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky issued an appeal to his citizens: "No surrender. No surrender of national interests. No any agreements nor global actions without the consent of the people of Ukraine".

He also urged the protesters not to succumb to provocations: "I am asking all to carefully and quietly approach the situation and not to succumb to manipulation and provocation of some individuals. They want to use you to regain the opportunity of robbery, to become victims of political persecution and to avoid criminal liability. This will not happen."

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