Citizens of the self-proclaimed-Lugansk People's Republic (LPR) started to cast their votes in Lugansk on Sunday, electing the Head of Republic and MPs of the parliament.

Head of LPR Leonid Pasechnik also entered the polling station and voted.

“Today the whole Donbass and I in particular have implemented the right written in the Constitution and voted for our freedom, for our independency, for peace, voted for integration with the Russian Federation,” he said.

Pasechnik added that the elections do not violate the Minsk agreements, "because we do not hold municipal elections, there are elections of the leader and MPs of People’s Council.”

Foreign election observers from Russia, Abkhazia and a number of European nations are supervising the voting process.

The voters are able to cast their ballots at 316 polling stations across the region.

Ukraine, EU and the US have refused to recognise the results of the elections, arguing they undermine the Minsk agreements.

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